Drilling viscosifier

Drilling viscosifier

Model No.︰920

Brand Name︰ADDEZ

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 3.9 / kg

Minimum Order︰1000 kg

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Product Description

ADDEZ 920 rheological additive is an easy to disperse, rapid yielding, economical organo bentonite viscosifier for oilbased muds, invert emulsion muds, completion fluids and workover fluids. ADDEZ 920's unique composition delivers a dry process gellant that requires less time and shear to build full rheology in drilling fluids, and that yields at low field temperatures. ADDEZ 920 is also significantly more efficient in mineral oils and alpha olefins than conventional organoclay viscosifiers.

ADDEZ 920 is suitable for drilling fluids based on mineral and other low toxicity oils, synthetics, as well as diesel and crude oils.



Viscosifying drilling fluids including:

Oil-based drilling muds Invert emulsion muds Packer fluids

Completion fluids Workover fluids

Based on: Mineral Oils , Low toxicity oils and fluids ,Diesel oil ,Crude oil ,Alpha Olefins

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